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We believe that there’s more to a superb cup of tea than taste alone. That’s why we’ve always crafted and sourced organic, Non-GMO Project Verified teas and ingredients and offer the most extensive assortment of Fair Trade Certified™ teas and herbs available. Our teas are as good for you as they are for the planet.

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Bancha Hojicha Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Honor both mind and body with a cup of this distinctive tea, a daily staple in Japanese life. Immediately after harvest, the growers steam the green tea leaves, then carefully toast them in the Hojicha style. This tea has a smooth, toasty flavor that's refreshing and renewing.

Blackberry Hibiscus Gourmet Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Steep a vivacious, fruity tisane that welcomes festivity. With its tangy character and sweet aroma, this ruby-hued blend is the life of the party. The taste of blackberry mixes with citrusy lemongrass as hearty hibiscus petals tango with tart rosehips. A sprinkling of spearmint melds with a dash of sweet licorice root. This unforgettable infusion tastes like an herbal ode to sangria and plays well with ice

Breakfast Blend Black Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Rise and shine, ready for whatever the day may hold over a robust cup of tea. Bold Assam and smooth Ceylon black tea leaves blend together for a hearty brew that will invigorate you with its wide-eyed flavor and centering aroma. Savor this timeless classic, served straight up and steaming hot. Add a splash of milk or a squeeze of lemon. Poured over ice is mighty fine, too.

Chai Spice (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Journey to a spice market as you drink this enticing black tea. Assertive Assam black tea leaves team up with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and a dash of black pepper for a lively, yet balanced blend with a clean finish. Serve it as they do in India with your favorite milk and sweetener to soften the warming seasonings and create a creamy customized cup of tea you will crave hot or iced.

Chamomile Mint Gourmet Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Long sought out to usher in calm and contemplation, chamomile’s sunny blossoms and aromatic fragrance continue to offer contentment in a cup. Spearmint leaves mingle with chamomile flowers while a squeeze of Italian bergamot imparts a slight citrusy note in this relaxing herbal infusion. Cozy up to a steamy cup or serve this honey-hued elixir over ice for an uplifting glass of refreshment.

Classic Black Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Get back to basics with this superb traditional cup from the Western Ghats of Southern India. Nestled amid mountains and tucked deep within a protected wildlife reserve, the Oothu Tea Garden produces some of the pureset tea on earth. It is offered unbleached to let its brisk, bright character shine through and invigorate.

Darjeeling Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Unblended Darjeeling Teas are very rare, yet their existence is often claimed where true quality is unknown. Choice Organic Darjeeling Tea is a premier varietal, from the Makaibari garden in the Himalayan foothills. It is produced from leaf harvested in the spring months, and yields a bright full flavor, with a fruity aroma.

Dragon Well Gourmet Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

An ancient tale and love of the leaf meet in a cup of classic green tea. Chinese folklore describes water from a well nourishing a tea so exquisite it became the tribute to emperors and is now offered to you. Pan-fired green tea leaves impart buttery notes for a palate-pleasing brew that is subtly toasty and will fill you with serenity. Serve it hot or over ice for a contemplative cooler.

Earl Grey Black Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Lift your spirits with this traditional tea that's aromatic and full of flavor. We blend brisk Ceylon and Indian black teas from select mountain gardens with essential oil of Italian bergamot from Calabria. The medium body and clean flavor of this popular classic will have you feeling revived and ready to go.

Earl Grey Lavender Gourmet Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Take the road less traveled when you sip a cup of this classic tea redefined. Full-bodied and smooth, Indian and Sri Lankan black teas blend with a squeeze of citrus as Italian bergamot scents the tea leaves. English lavender blossoms gently infuse their fragrance and flavor into this elegant tea that enthralls at the start of the day and well into afternoon tea. Try iced for a refined refreshment.

English Breakfast Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Greet the day with this classic cup that's sure to please - on its own, or with milk and sugar. Choice Tea skillfully combines smooth, high-grown ceylon teas with robust, malty selections from Assam and East Africa. The results is a full-bodied cup with rich flavor and rousing character. It's a delicious way to awaken your senses.

Genmaicha Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Satisfy your senses with this gratifying cup that pays homage to one of Japan's ancient agricultural traditions. Genmaicha pairs spring-harvested green tea with toasted brown rice for a cup that's fresh and delicately balanced. It's a simple, healthy pleasure sure to clear the mind and nourish the soul.

Green Moroccan Mint Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Treat yourself and your guests to a cup of North African hospitality. This refreshing blend features flavorful green teas, peppermint form Washington State, spearmint and a hint of lemongrass, culminating in a bright cup that's crisp, aromatic and flavorful - a most illuminating pick-me-up.

Irish Breakfast Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Choice Organic Irish Breakfast Tea is for tea addicts of humble origins. Composed primarily of leaf from Assam, with full-bodied malty richness, this is a strong morning tea. Perhaps also a great transitional beverage for those previously enamored with roasted beans

Jasmine Green Gourmet Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

This tranquil green tea evokes evening strolls where the sky is strewn with stars, the air scented by flowers, and anything is possible. Jasmine blossoms perfume green tea leaves with their intoxicating flavor and fragrance before the petals are removed. The aromatic bouquet of floral notes makes this green tea a classic. Serve hot or over ice for an enchanting experience.

Licorice Mint Gourmet Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Indulge your senses with a luxurious tisane. The pop of bright peppermint is softened by naturally sweet licorice root to provide an alluring finish to this aromatic herbal infusion. This full-bodied blend is smooth, silky, and compelling. Serve hot for a luscious, pleasing drink or over ice for an invigorating departure from everyday iced tea.

Mango Black Gourmet Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Set your course for paradise with this tempting black tea paired with a touch of tropical fruit. Smooth Ceylon and bold Indian black teas mingle with notes of mango evoking the aroma and flavor of fresh cut fruit. A hint of Sumatran vanilla imparts a subtle sweetness to this luscious tea that also satisfies when served over ice.

Mint Green Gourmet Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

From a Marrakesh market to a backyard herb garden, we blend old world tradition with Pacific Northwest flavor. Choice's interpretation of this Moroccan classic combines full-bodied green tea with mellow lemongrass while Washington-grown peppermint and cooling spearmint brighten the cup. This lightly caffeinated, half mint, half green tea blend also refreshes when served iced.

Oolong Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Savor the delicious complexity of this sophisticated oolong. after plucking, the leaves are lightly bruised and briefly oxidized to create a tea with a balance and harmony all its own. A gentle earthiness with hints of smoke, a lingering finish and a delightful aroma make this a remarkably enticing and enriching cup.

Peach Green Gourmet Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Reminiscent of the lazy days and sultry nights of summer, this blend entices with its heady fragrance and smooth fruit-kissed flavor. Freshly steamed green tea blends with the essence of ripe peaches, citrusy lemongrass, and tart rosehips in a delicately sweet, revitalizing infusion. Steep a cup to drink hot or pour it over ice to linger on the porch just a bit longer.

Peppermint Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Choice Organic Teas works closely with our international growers in countries across the world, including China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania to create organic teas known for outstanding character and clarity of flavor.

Premium Japanese Green Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Indulge yourself with this luxurious tea that embodies the fresh flavors of the spring harvest. Early, tender leaves are briefly steamed to retain their legendary character and rich, green color. The result is a clean, rewarding cup with sweet grassy notes and a savory sea vegetable aroma. It's a classic that transcends time.

Reishi Detox Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Detoxify and replenish your body with this purifying herbal mushroom blend. Reishi, also known as the “mushroom of immortality,” supports healthy immunity and delivers antioxidants to boost your body’s natural defenses. Dandelion and burdock root aid the liver in eliminating toxins. Moringa and nettle are nourishing and uplifting while cacao and carob lend flavorful chocolate notes and provide additional antioxidants. Treat yourself to a fresh start with this spice-kissed, velvety brew.

Rooibos Tea (16 tea bags - Choice Teas)

Rooibos, the Red Bush Tea of South Africa, was the development of mountain inhabitants centuries ago. Described by many as having astounding healing powers, the tea brewed from rooibos is also abundantly flavorful, Caffeine-free, yet full-bodied with a sweet, earthy aroma.

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