Citrus Magic

About Citrus Magic®

Citrus Magic began with it 100% Natural Tropical Citrus Blend, non-aerosol spray. Understanding the need for safer products, Citrus Magic has worked to produce safe, naturally-based products, free from harsh chemicals, that effectively work at eliminating odors, freshening the air and maintaining a clean environment at home, at work, or even during travel.

Citrus Magic strives to maintain the highest level of natural possible while still creating effective cleaning products for the home.

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All Purpose Cleaner, Lemon, trigger spray(Citrus Magic, 22 fl. oz.)

Citrus Magic's Natural All Purpose Cleaner tackles the toughest jobs with the power of citrus to remove dirt, grease, grime, and soap scum throughout your entire home. Citrus Magic All Purpose Cleaner cleans without the harsh chemicals and unpleasant odors often found in ordinary cleaner.

Powerful, natural and organic citrus solvents for superior cleaning performance, Citrus Magic Natural All Purpose Cleaner is ideal for all inside and outside household cleaning needs. The fresh citrus scent is all that is left behind after using our All Purpose Cleaner.

Original Veggie Wash (Citrus Magic)

Veggie Wash safely and effectively removes wax, soil, and agricultural chemicals found on standard and organic produce. It cuts through wax and chemicals to leave fruits and vegetables truly, safely clean.

Pesticides and other agricultural chemicals are specifically engineered to be "waterproof" so they are not washed off by rain and irrigation. Many fruits and vegetables (grapes, apples, cucumbers, etc.) are also coated in wax to preserve the quality and appearance of the produce from the fields to your kitchen table. In addition to agricultural chemicals and other residues, 20 or more strangers may have handled your fruit or vegetable before you put it in your mouth.

What's more, Veggie Wash uses ingredients from citrus, corn,and coconut, to remove harmful surfaces.
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Pet Multi-Surface Stain and Odor Eliminator (Citrus Magic, 22 fl. oz.)

Citrus Magic Natural Pet Stain Remover is a superior stain remover, formulated for and proved to work on carpet and upholstery made with today's natural and synthetic fibers. The natural vegetable-based, oxygen enriched formula works quickly to remove the toughest stains left by pets including blood, urine, vomit, feces, mud, dirt and more. The natural formula also works to keep pets from soiling the same areas again and again.

Spot and Stain Remover Spray (Citrus Magic, 22 fl. oz.)

Citrus Magic Instant Spot & Stain Remover is a superior stain remover, formulated and proven for use on carpet and upholstery made with today's natural and synthetic fibers. Also great for use on pet bedding, clothing, tile, concrete and any other surfaces around your home where water is safe to use. Tests prove Citrus Magic Instant Spot & Stain Remover works as well as the leading chemical stain remover.

Sun Care Face Cream - SPF 30 (1.7 fl. oz., Biosolis)

Biosolis Face Cream sunscreen is produced using natural & mineral ingredients and protects & nourishes the skin. This facial suncreen is free from nano particles and is ideal for sensitive skin types.