The Natural Pet

Shampoo - Pet - Deodorizing - Coco Lime (8 fl. oz., Attitude)

ATTITUDE’s Natural Pet Deodorizing Shampoo is made with worry-free plant- and mineral-based ingredients to take the funk out of their fur. This hypoallergenic, coconut lime-scented formula is specially designed to remove odors without exposing them to harmful chemicals, leaving your dog’s coat

Shampoo - Pet - White Coat Brightener - Coco Lime (8 fl. oz., Attitude)

Fur quality reveals a lot about a dog's health, and a healthy dog has strong, shiny fur. Formulated for all types of fur with worry-free ingredients, ATTITUDE’s Natural Pet White Coat Brightener Shampoo is formulated to untangle even the toughest of knots while keeping your dog both healthy and happy.